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Lipid-Protein Homeostasis in Seed
 research groups

Keywords : lipids, proteins, seeds, QTL, Arabidopsis thaliana

Doctoral school affiliation : ED 567 Sciences du Végétal

Contacts :

IIntitut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, UMR1318 INRA-AgroParisTech-ERL3559 CNRS
INRA - Centre de Versailles-Grignon
Bâtiment 7
Route de Saint-Cyr (RD 10)
78026 Versailles Cedex France

tél : +33 (0)1 30 83 30 00 - fax : +33 (0)1 30 83 33 19

Group leader
Philippe Guerche
Senior Scientist

Alain Lécureuil

Sophie Jasinski
Research Scientist


Summary :

Seed storage compounds are of crucial importance for human diet and industrial uses. In the context of diminishing fossil oil resources, our need for food, feed and energy will force us to increase crop yields while reducing agricultural inputs (in particular nitrogen) in the very near future.
The successful engineering of domesticated high-yield crop species requires a full elucidation of the mechanisms regulating the production of storage compounds. This is the objective of the Archive (Amélioration du Remplissage des graines pour la CHImie VErte) Optimisation of grain filling for green chemistry) project in which we are involved with four other IJPB groups ("Development and seed quality", "Dynamics and structure of lipid bodies", "Signalisation and nutritional recycling", "Arabidopsis response to nitrogen availability"). The objective of our group is to identify, by a quantitative genetic approach based on Arabidopsis natural variability, the main genetic factors that determine the partitioning of different types of reserves (mainly oil and protein, carbon and nitrogen…), under nitrogen constraints. The ultimate goal will be to translate this knowledge from Arabidopsis to high-yield crops.

Main Results :

During the last four years we have:
- Studied the Arabidopsis natural variability of different traits (seed lipid, nitrogen and carbon content, thousand seed weight…) and the effect of environmental variations on these traits. This allowed us to optimize Arabidopsis culture conditions.
- Developed a high-throughput NIRS method to determine seed lipid, nitrogen and carbon content (article in preparation).
- Produced plant material for QTL detection from 3 repetitions of 3 recombinant inbred line populations and identified QTL for seed lipid, carbon and nitrogen content, Harvest Index…
Validations with heterogeneous inbred families are underway. Some QTL have already been validated and fine mapping is in progress.

In parallel, we cloned a QTL involved in very long chain fatty acid synthesis (Jasinski et al., 2012)                     

Selected Publications :

Jasinski S, Lécureuil A, Durandet M , Bernard-Moulin P, Guerche P (2016) Arabidopsis seed content QTL mapping using high-throughput phenotyping: the assets of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. Front. Plant Sci. 7:1682.

Chardon F, Jasinski S, Durandet M, Lecureuil A, Soulay F, Bedu M, Guerche P, Masclaux-Daubresse C (2014) QTL meta-analysis in Arabidopsis reveals an interaction between leaf senescence and resource allocation to seeds. Journal of Experimental Botany 65:3949-62 (pdf)

Tisne S, Serrand Y, Bach L, Gilbault E, Ben Ameur R, Balasse H, Voisin R, Bouchez D, Durand-Tardif M, Guerche P, Chareyron G, Da Rugna J, Camilleri C, Loudet O (2013) Phenoscope: an automated large-scale phenotyping platform offering high spatial homogeneity. The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology (pdf)

Jasinski S, Lecureuil A, Miquel M, Loudet O, Raffaele S, Froissard M, Guerche P (2012) Natural Variation in Seed Very Long Chain Fatty Acid Content Is Controlled by a New Isoform of KCS18 in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS One 7: e49261 (pdf)

To A, Joube J, Barthole G, Lécureuil A, Scagnelli A, Jasinski S, Lepiniec L, Baud S (2012) WRINKLED transcription factors orchestrate tissue-specific regulation of fatty acid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 24, 5007-5023 (pdf)


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