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Keywords : abiotic stress, abscisic acid, after-ripening, Arabidopsis thaliana, biosynthesis, carotenoid, compartmentalization, condensed tannins, development, dormancy, flavonoid, germination, hormone, longevity, mucilage, mutant, Oryza sativa, nitric oxide, pectin, post-translational modification, proanthocyanidines, proteomics, secondary metabolism, seed, tegument, transparent testa, transport.

Doctoral school affiliation : ED435 ABIES, ED 567 Sciences du Végétal

Contacts :

Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, UMR1318 INRA-AgroParisTech-ERL3559 CNRS
INRA - Centre de Versailles-Grignon
Bâtiment 2
Route de Saint-Cyr (RD 10)
78026 Versailles Cedex France

tél : +33 (0)1 30 83 30 00 - fax : +33 (0)1 30 83 33 19

Loïc Rajjou
University Lecturer

François Perreau

Béatrice Godin
Technician AgroParisTech

Gwendal Cueff
Technician AgroParisTech 50%

Boris Collet
Technician Assistant AgroParisTech 50%

Hiromi Suzuki
Post-Doc Agreenskills



Frédéric Chauffour
PhD student


Omaé Pozza
Engineer contractual

Annie Marion-Poll
Senior scientist

Isabelle Debeaujon
Research Scientist

Adeline Berger
Assistant Engineer 50%

Elodie Akary
Assistant Engineer

Christine Sallé
Technician Assistant


Naoto Sano

Isabelle Fabrissin
PhD student



Summary :

Research in the group ‘Germination physiology’ is focused on key factors and processes that regulate seed dormancy, longevity and adaptation to environmental constraints, with the aim of improving seed germination and vigor. A combination of molecular genetics, functional genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, physiology and histology are being employed, mainly in Arabidopsis but also in rice.
Abscisic acid (ABA) plays a major role in the induction of seed dormancy and the inhibition of germination in response to abiotic stress. To improve our understanding of ABA function, we are identifying and characterizing genes involved in its production and signal transduction in seeds. We are also studying a positive regulator of seed germination and stress tolerance, nitric oxide (NO°). In particular we are examining its ability to modulate protein function by posttranslational modification (S-nitrosylation, nitration…), in relation to the physiological state of seeds. Other protein modifications that impact on seed longevity and survival in adverse conditions, are also being investigated, notably the role of the protein L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferase (PIMT). This enzyme repairs proteins, which have undergone conformational changes due to spontaneous isomerization or deamination of aspartate and asparagine residues.
Germination characteristics are also influenced by seed coat properties and work in our group is aimed at understanding the role of two types of metabolites accumulated in this organ, flavonoids and mucilage polysaccharides. Flavonoids are secondary metabolites that contribute to seed protection against biotic and abiotic stresses and also affect seed agronomic quality (dormancy, germination and longevity). Our current research aims at understanding the mechanisms regulating flavonoid metabolism (biosynthesis, intracellular trafficking and storage) and their integration in Arabidopsis seed development. The polysaccharides accumulated in the outer cell layer of the seed coat are liberated on hydration to form a mucilage around the seed. The synthesis and structure of mucilage is complex, and its physiological role unclear. We are exploiting natural mucilage mutants to identify new genes involved in its production and to gain insight into its function.

Main Results :

Hormonal regulation of germination
PI: Annie Marion-Poll

Abscisic acid is a key regulator of seed development and germination as well as adaptive responses to environmental stresses. Modulation of its endogenous levels by fine-tuning of synthesis and catabolism determines its physiological action, together with its perception and signal transduction. ABA is synthesized from the C40 oxygenated carotenoids. Our group has contributed to unraveling the biosynthesis pathway by the isolation of genes involved in violaxanthin and neoxanthin synthesis, and the functional analysis of the NCED gene family that encodes a 9-cis epoxycarotenoid dioxygenase, responsible for carotenoid cleavage. We are currently investigating the tissue specific regulation of ABA biosynthesis in Arabidopsis seeds, in order to identify regulatory factors.
Current knowledge about the ABA signaling network is still incomplete, especially in seeds, although the recent identification of ABA receptors constitutes a major breakthrough. Using infrared thermography, we have selected suppressors of the ABA-deficient mutant Ataba3. None of these suppressor mutations modify ABA levels and current evidence indicates that they affect ABA signaling. Identification of three of these suppressor loci is underway.

Seed proteomics
PI: Loïc Rajjou

Seed dormancy is released during dry storage (after-ripening) resulting in increased germination ability. Prolonged storage can, however, lead to alterations that affect the potential of seeds to germinate. Team members are currently investigating the molecular basis of the control of seed germination by functional proteomics in two model plants, Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa. In particular, we are studying the effects of nitrate (NO3) and nitric oxide (NO°) on the molecular control of germination (dormancy, vigor, and longevity). Indeed, in addition to the influence of the ABA/GA hormonal balance, recent research has shown that NO° can break seed dormancy and promote germination in stress conditions. The mode of action of this radical in seeds and its preferential molecular targets remain unknown. A number of recent investigations have highlighted different protein modifications that can be produced by NO°, namely nitrosylation of metal and thiol centers and nitration of tyrosine residues, each leading to different and specific signaling effects. We aim to characterize proteins undergoing NO-mediated post-translational modifications (PTMs) in seeds subjected to different physiological conditions.

Seed mucilage production and function
PI: Helen North

Approaches that exploit the natural variation in Arabidopsis have been developed over recent years at Versailles. In particular, our group has characterized variant loci that are involved in the adaptation of germination to environmental conditions. Analysis of the Versailles collection of accessions identified differences in germination capacity at low temperature in the dark as well as in mucilage production. A recombinant inbred line population, generated from the accessions Bay-0 and Shahdara, was used to identify QTL affecting germination in the cold and dark. These two accessions also differed in their capacity to release seed mucilage on imbibition. We have studied the physicochemical properties of this mucilage and isolated a gene affecting the hygroscopic properties of the pectins that constitute the mucilage. Currently, within the framework of an ANR-blanc project (AMUSE) our group is studying the natural variability of Arabidopsis mucilage composition.

Metabolism and biological roles of seed flavonoids
PI: Isabelle Debeaujon

Arabidopsis seeds accumulate condensed tannins (proanthocyanidins) specifically in the inner integument, and flavonols in all seed compartments. The objectives of our group are to identify and/or characterize the different functions that are required for the biosynthesis, transport and subcellular compartmentation of these flavonoids. We have determined that a laccase encoded by the TRANSPARENT TESTA 10 (TT10) gene catalyzes the browning and oxidative polymerization of flavonoids (Pourcel et al., 2005). In collaboration with the group of Markus Klein (Zürich university), we have also demonstrated that the MATE transporter TT12 is localized at the tonoplast and is able to transport flavonoids (Marinova et al., 2007). Unraveling the function of the TT15 protein in flavonoid biosynthesis is one of our current objectives. A second aspect of our research consists of analyzing the functions of flavonoids in seed physiology and seed tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.





INRA Plant Biology and Breeding incentive project ExMu (2013-2015) Exploitation of Arabidopsis seed mucilage for the functional characterisation of genes involved in polysaccharide metabolism (Coordinator Helen North)

ANR-Blanc MITOZEN (2013-2016) Toward the function of plant mitochondrial LEA and sHSP proteins (Coordinator David Macherel, Angers University) - Task 3 Reverse genetics and phenotyping (Leader Annie Marion-Poll)

ANR-BioAdapt CytoPheno (2012-2015) Cyto-nuclear co-adaptation and plant adaptive phenotypes (Coordinator Françoise Budar, IJPB) - Task 4 Seed dormancy and proteomics experiments  (Leader Loïc.Rajjou)

ANR-BioAdapt AutoAdapt (2012-2015) Role of autophagy in plant adaptation to nitrate and sulphate limitation in environment. (Coordinator Céline Masclaux-Daubresse, IJPB) - Task 3 Role of autophagy in seed filing (Leader Loïc Rajjou)

FP7-KBBE Ecoseed (2013-2016) Impacts of Environmental Conditions on Seed Quality (Coordinator Ilse Kranner, Innsbruck University, Austria) - WP3 Molecular changes during imbibition and germination (Coordinator Loïc Rajjou) 


Ogé L, Grappin P, Collet B (2009) S-Adenosine homocysteine quantitation to monitor seed storability and seed vigor. Patent Registration submitted

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Selected Publications :

Deruyffelaere C, Purkrtova Z, Bouchez I, Collet B, Cacas J-L, Chardot T, Gallois JL, Andrea S (2018) PUX10 associates with CDC48A and regulates the dislocation of ubiquitinated oleosins from seed lipid droplets. Plant Cell (In press) (doi:10.1105/tpc.18.00275)

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