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6th European Workshop on Leaf Senescence
14 -18 october 2013, Versailles, INRA

Leaf, petals and siliques senescence is defined by a set of macroscopic and micoroscopic symptoms which appear during aging of organs. This proccess is highly regulated. Crucial for nutritional management and adaptation to environment, its contributes to recycling and redistributing nutritional ressources of our planet. From the agronomic point of view, the efficiency of the nitrogen remobilisation during the leaf senescence takes part of criteria of plant selection considering the impact on yield and seed quality.

The 6th « European Workshop on Leaf Senescence » address this issue from multiple perspectives focused on:
- Signals, factors and regulation pathways involved in senecence control
- Impact of aging and senescence on plant metabolism and nutrients biosynthesis pathways
- Role of autophagy in senescence expression
- Senescence impact on plant nutritional management

- Relationship between senescence and programmed cell death

Céline Masclaux-Daubresse (Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB), INRA, Versailles)
Karin Krupinska (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany)
Michèle Reisdorf-Cren (UVSQ, IJPB, INRA, Versailles) 
Pr. Jean-Christophe Avice (Université de Caen Basse Normandie, INRA, France)
Kohki Yoshimoto (IJPB, INRA, Versailles) 
Fabien Chardon (IJPB, INRA, Versailles) 


october 2013

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