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Teaching resources

PhD Topics 2019

Topics Supervisors

Epigenetics and small RNAs

Epigenetic control of transposon activity and genomic imprinting in hybrid seeds

> More information

Filipe Borges


Spatial Control of Cell Division


Spatio-temporal coordination of cell division in plants

> More information

David Bouchez

Biomass quality and interactions with drought

Development of a tool for detecting transcriptional and translational regulatory motifs in Arabidopsis thaliana and maize

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Sylvie Coursol
Co -Direction: Marie-Laure Martin-Magnette, IPS2

Development and seed quality

Contribution to the understanding of the function of the LEC2 transcription factor by functional analysis of variants

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Bertrand Dubreucq

Lignocellulosic biopolymers: from cell wall assemblies to synthons for green chemistry

Chemo-enzymatic functionalization of lignin derivatives. Optimization of their physico-chemical properties and their potential as antioxidant for polymer formulation

> More information soon

Paul-Henri Ducrot

Co-Direction: Stéphanie Baumberger

Nitrogen-pathogen interactions

Functional characterization of a Botrytis cinerea protease involved in the infectious process.

> More information

Mathilde Fagard

Co-Direction: Marie-Christine Soulié

Host-Retrotransposon Interactions

Retrotransposons, stress and dedifferentiation

> More information

Marie-Angèle Grandbastien

Co-direction: Corinne Mhiri

Mechanisms of Meiosis

Understanding what shapes meiotic recombination

> More information

Mathilde Grelon

Biology of the cell and regeneration

Probing WOX functions in monocotyledonous development

> More information

Pierre Hilson

Co--Direction: Oumaya Bouchabké-Coussa

Primary cell wall

The role of pectin metabolism in cell expansion

> More information

Herman Höfte

Co-Direction: Alexis Peaucelle

Biomass quality and interactions with drought

Dwarfism suppression of Arabidopsis eskimo1 mutant by modification of trehalose signalling pathway and effect on abiotic stress tolerance

> More information

Christine Horlow

Lipid-Protein Homeostasis in Seed

Characterisation of Arabidopsis EMS mutants impaired in seed oil and protein filling.

> More information

Sophie Jazinski

Adaptative genetics and genomics

Characterization of wild introgressions in the genome of cultivated tomato

> More information

José Jiménez-Gómez

Nitrogen Use, Transport and signaling

Study of NLP Transcription factors: Roles and mechanisms of NLP-dependent nitrate signaling

> More information

Anne Krapp

Co-Direction: Zsolt Kelemen

Mechanisms of Meiosis
Investigating the regulation of homologous recombination at meiosis, and its consequences on crossover frequency.

> More information

Rajeev Kumar

Co-Direction: Christine Mézard

Nitrogen Use, Transport and signaling

Role of Target of Rapamycin (TOR) complex in the transcriptional regulation of genes involved in raffinose and proline catabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana.

> More information

Anne-Sophie Leprince

Co-Direction: Christian Meyer

Organelles and reproduction

Analysis of translation initiation in plant mitochondria

> More information

Hakim Mireau

Germination physiology

Dynamics and structure of lipid bodies

Translation selectivity and compartmentalization in response to stress during seedling emergence in Arabidopsis

> More information

Loïc Rajjou

Co-direction : Sabine D'Andréa

Branching control in plants
Identification and characterization of P450 cytochromes involved in the structurale diversification of strigolactones

> More information

Catherine Rameau

Spatial Control Of Cell Division

The TTP complex at the nexus between the cell cycle machinery and the microtubules : the study of the G2/M transition

> More information

Magalie Uyttewaal

Co-direction: David Bouchez


Members of the IJPB take part to numerous teaching courses in universities and top rank schools of engineers. IJPB also organizes M2 courses in plant developmental biology for example in Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC ParisVI) and Paris-Sud 11-AgroParisTech. More information on Plant sciences higher education:


Members of IJPB take part in University and Ingeneers schools. More than the puntuals involvements, IJPB organised 2 modules of the Master 2 Paris-Sud _ AgroParisTech. Teaching beeing at least for a fpart at IJPB:


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