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PhD Subjects 2016 and Teaching resources


Please find below the PhD subjets offered by IJPB for 2016 within the context of the doctoral school Sdv and ABIES. The abstracts of the sujects are available on the websites of the doctoral schools.

Research Group
Suject Contact
Transcription factors and architecture Deciphering local versus at distance effects of CUC2 during leaf morphogenesis

Nicolas Arnaud


Development and seed quality Biosynthesis and function of monounsaturated fatty acids in plants

Sébastien Baud

Branching control in plants Strigolactone signaling in the moss Physcomitrella patens

Sandrine Bonhomme

Epigenetic natural variation

Interplay between chromatin and RNA synthesis/processing in Arabidopsis

Nicolas Bouché

Spatial Control Of Cell Division


Developmental robustness and cell division in plants

David Bouchez

Senescence, Autophagy, Nutrient recycling and nitrogen use efficiency Impact study of leaf senescence onto nitrogen remobilization efficiency in plants

Fabien Chardon

Biomass quality and interactions with drought Functional analysis of candidate genes involved in cell wall degradability in maize

Sylvie Coursol


Nitrogen-pathogen interactions Role of the plant cell wall in the impact of N supply on the infection of Arabidopsis by Botrytis cinerea

Matilde Fagard
Co-encadrant :
Marie-Christine Soulié

Cell differentiation and polarity Engineering of lipid metabolism in Arabidopsis and Camelina : enzymatic structure and assembly

Jean-Denis Faure

Co-encadrant :
Jean-Luc Cacas

Nitrogen Use, Transport and signaling Physiological and molecular responses of Pooideae species to nitrate availability and role of NLP transcription factors

Thomas Girin

Host-Retrotransposon Interactions

Eléments de type rétroviral et totipotence chez les plantes


Marie-Angèle Grandbastien

Co-encadrant :
Florian Maumus

Mechanisms of the meiotic recombination Retroviral-like elements and totipotency in plants Mathilde Grelon

Biomass quality and interactions with drought Influence of the biochemical composition of xylem walls in dicots and monocots on plant growth and water stress tolerance
Christine Horlow

Phloem, transport and signaling Impact on the xylem development of sugar transport modification in a model plant species

Rozenn Le Hir

Nitrogen Use, Transport and signaling Involvement of kinases Target of Rapamycin (TOR) and PhosphatidylInositol 3-Kinase (PI3K) in Arabidopsis thaliana responses to environmental variations

Anne Sophie Leprince


Germination physiology
Functional analysis of genes involved in the hormonal control of germination

Annie Marion-Poll

Transcription factors and architecture Investigation of the BOP1/2-TALE module in Arabidopsis fruit dehiscence

Véronique Pautot

Epigenetics and small RNAs


Role of an endogenous suppressor of RNAi in plant development and plant-pathogen interactions

Hervé Vaucheret


Members of the IJPB take part to numerous teaching courses in universities and top rank schools of engineers. IJPB also organizes M2 courses in plant developmental biology for example in Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC ParisVI) and Paris-Sud 11-AgroParisTech.



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