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PhD Topics 2018 and Teaching resources

PhD Topics 2018

Topics Supervisors

Transcription factors and architecture

Multi-scale analysis of CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON transcription factors function

Nicolas Arnaud

Development and seed quality

Biosynthesis and function of monounsaturated fatty acids in plants

Sébastien Baud

Lignocellulosic biopolymers: from cell wall assemblies to synthons for green chemistry

Modification and characterization of biorefinery lignins in innovative media: towards the development of new bio-based aromatic building units for bio-based materials

Stéphanie Baumberger
Co-direction: Betty Cottyn

Spatial Control Of Cell Division

Spatio-temporal coordination of cell division in plants

David Bouchez

Cell differentiation and polarity


Control of endoplasmic reticulum-localized lipid metabolism by the unfolded protein response

Jean-Luc Cacas

Senescence, Autophagy, Nutrient recycling and nitrogen use efficiency

Study of fruit ripening in Arabidopsis by modeling and functional analysis approaches

Fabien Chardon
Co-direction: Anne Marmagne

Epigenetics and small RNAs

Dynamics of the PTGS-RQC equilibrium
Taline Elmayan
Nitrogen-pathogen interactions

Functional characterization of genes controlling the impact of N supply on the Arabidopsis-Botrytis interaction

Mathilde Fagard
Co-direction: Marie-Christine Soulié

Cell differentiation and polarity Regulation of fatty acid desaturation and lipid engineering

Jean-Denis Faure

Host-Retrotransposon Interactions LTR retrotransposons dynamics and allopolyploidy

Marie-Angèle Grandbastien
Co-direction: Florian Maumus

Lipid-Protein Homeostasis in Seed

Identification and characterisation of genetic factors involved in seed storage component filling in Arabidopsis

Sophie Jazinski

Meiotic recombination in polyploids

Understanding how sequence polymorphism influences meiotic recombination in an allotetraploid crop, Brassica napus

Eric Jenczewski

Adaptative genetics and genomics

Wild introgressions in cultivated tomato: catalogue and new reference genome

José Jiménez-Gómez

Transcription factors and architecture

Identification and analysis of novel regulators of plant architecture

Patrick Laufs

Nitrogen Use, Transport and signaling Involvement of kinases Target of Rapamycin (TOR) and PhosphatidylInositol 3-Kinase (PI3K) in the regulation of enzymes involved in the metabolism of raffinose and proline in Arabidopsis thaliana

Anne-Sophie Leprince
 Co-direction: Christian Meyer

Germination physiology

Role of cell wall remodeling in seed germination

Annie Marion-Poll

Mechanisms of Meiosis Identification and analysis of novel regulators of plant architecture

Raphaël Mercier
Co-direction: Rajeev Kumar

Organelles and reproduction


Dynamic and regulation of mitochondrial translation in plants

Hakim Mireau

Cell differentiation and polarity

The role of cell polarity in meristem conversion in Arabidopsis thaliana

Jean-Christophe Palauqui
Co-direction: Philippe Rech 

Branching control in plants

Involvement of the SnRK1 pathway in the control of shoot branching by strigolactones

Catherine Rameau
Co-direction: Christian Meyer

Spatial Control Of Cell Division

lant shoot apical morphogenesis : study of the impact and control of the spatial organization of cell divisions

Magalie Uyttewaal
Co-direction: David Bouchez


Members of the IJPB take part to numerous teaching courses in universities and top rank schools of engineers. IJPB also organizes M2 courses in plant developmental biology for example in Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC ParisVI) and Paris-Sud 11-AgroParisTech. More information on Plant sciences higher education:


Members of IJPB take part in University and Ingeneers schools. More than the puntuals involvements, IJPB organised 2 modules of the Master 2 Paris-Sud _ AgroParisTech. Teaching beeing at least for a fpart at IJPB:



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