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Job opportunities


A Post-doctoral position is open in "Meiosis and recombination" Group

The "Meiosis and recombination" Group is looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals with wide experience in Plant Genetics/Genomics. Previous involvement in a positional gene cloning project could provide a competitive advantage but this is not a prerequisite. Fluency in English is essential with excellent oral / written communication skills.

This position, funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), aim for the characterization of the locus regulating meiotic recombination in rapeseed, a major allopolyploid crop.

: for 18 months from September 2016, with some flexibility, at Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, lNRA, Versailles
Contact: Eric Jenczewski :
Publications: (1) Grandont et al. (2014) Plant Cell 26: 1448-1463; (2) Liu et al. (2006) Genetics 174: 1583-96; (3) Cifuentes et al. (2010) Plant Cell 22: 2265-76

More information follow the link (pdf)

(15 juillet 2016)


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