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High Affinity Nitrate Transporter Family : NRT2

The NRT2 family contains several members in higher plants. In Arabidopsis 7 NRT2 genes are characterized by different expression patterns, depending on the organ and the environmental conditions [1]. In combination with NRT1 and CLC proteins families, they ensure the nitrate uptake from the soil and nitrate distribution in the whole plant.


From Dechorgnat et al (2011)

Main Results

Our team elucidate the role of 5 out of the 7 NRT2 members in Arabidopsis:

- In collaboration with the team of Alain Gojon in Montpellier, we showed that NRT2.1 is a plasma-membrane protein, being the main actor of high-affinity nitrate uptake by roots  [2, 3].

- The NRT2.7 is expressed on tonoplast and is involved in nitrate storage in seed, playing a role in seed dormancy [4].

- More recently, in collaboration with our colleagues from Riken Institute, we demonstrated [5] that NRT2.4 is a very-high affinity nitrate transporter, located n the plasma membrane, which expression is induced during long term nitrogen starvation.



- In collaboration with the team of Mathilde Fagard (IJPB, NPI), we obtained a surprising result from the functional analysis of NRT2.6 protein [6]. It seems to be involved ROS accumulation, making the link between plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses.




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