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The RG “reproduction and seeds” thematic pole is interested in the sexual part of the plant life cycle; gametophyte development, seed formation and quality. Our groups combine approaches of forward and reverse genetics, functional genomics, biochemistry and structural biology. They aim to identify the genes implicated in these different processes, to elucidate the structure and biological function of proteins and metabolites produced, and to explore network interactions. These questions are addressed essentially in Brassicacea species, either model (Arabidopsis thaliana) or cultivated (Oilseed rape, Brassica napus). We are looking to improved our basic knowledge of sexual reproduction, seed composition and germination capacity in order to provide solutions for the improvement of seed quality for agriculture, the food industry and “green chemistry” (notably the production of hydrid seeds, assuring germination vigour, oil, protein and secondary metabolite contents, improving reserve extraction…).

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