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Steering committee
Leadership team
Anne Krapp


Olivier Loudet
Assistant director in charge of the scientific strategy

Patrick Laufs
Assistant director in charge of human resources

  Magali Nawrocki-Serin
General secretary


Poles of research
Adaptation of Plants to the Environment (APE)

Sylvie Dinant
Person in charge


Céline Masclaux-Daubresse
Assistant person in charge

Dynamics and Expression of the Genome (DEG)

Nicolas Bouché
Person in charge 


Raphaël Mercier
Assistant Person in charge

Morphogenesis, Signaling, Modeling (MSM)

Jean-Christophe Palauqui
Person in charge 

  Jasmine Burguet
Assistant person in charge

Plant cell wall, function and utilization (PAVE)
Herman Höfte
Person in charge

Reproduction and Seeds (RG)

Helen North
Person in charge


Hakim Mireau
Assistant person in charge

Platforms     Safety Precautions  
Christian Meyer
Person in charge

Martine Gonneau
Person in charge

Relationship with AgroParisTech
Jean-Denis Faure
Person in charge


Stéphanie Baumberger
Assistant person in charge

Academic parnership  
Loïc Lepiniec
Person in charge 


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