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The Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin

Dedicated from its origins to research in agronomy and plant biology, following a long local tradition predating INRA, the Versailles Research Centre hosts laboratories which pioneered several research fields. Georges Morel and his students made several important discoveries in plant cell biology (meristem culture) and pathology (Agrobacterium). Thereafter, Jean-Pierre Bourgin, whose seminal research on haploidization in plants had a tremendous impact in the field, headed this laboratory, with dedication, for several years. He notably favoured the emergence of molecular genetics, genomics and the use of model species like Arabidopsis in plant biology. Today the Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute develops multidisciplinary concepts and tools, in order to develop new approaches in plant biology and agronomy, and face new questions from the society.


The Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, headed by Anne Krapp, comprises five scientific departments :

- Morphogenesis, Signaling, Modeling (Contact :Jean-Christophe Palauqui)
- Dynamics and Expression of the Genome (Contact: Nicolas Bouché)
- Adaptation of Plants to the Environment (Contact: Sylvie Dinant)
- Reproduction and Seeds (Contact: Helen North)
- Plant cell wall, function and utilization (Contact : Herman Höfte)

The Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, unit associated to INRA-AgroParisTech and is an ERL CNRS, is affiliated to the Research Departments Plant Biology & Breeding and Science & Process Engineering of Agricultural Products.

Our objectives :

Promote inter-disciplinary research and scientific communication
Optimize research efficiency through sharing of expertises, ideas, research facilities and equipment
Develop our links with partners (scientific collaborations, teaching & universities, Europe)
Promote plant biotechnology for a sustainable agriculture
Enhance our legibility and the public perception of our disciplines in Europe, favour scientific culture and dialog with all components of the society.

The IJPB : key figures

5 Scientific Departments, 27 Research Groups
People, in which 230 Permanent (INRA, CNRS, CIRAD, AgroParisTech)
135 Researchers & Engineers, 120 Post-docs, PhD Students and other Students



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