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The department “Dynamics and Expression of the Genome” employs genetics, cytology, molecular biology and protein biochemistry to investigate the essential mechanisms controlling the structure and function of the genome during meiosis (recombination) and genomic shock (polyploidism), and following biotic and abiotic stresses (control of transposable elements and variations in the epigenetic state of genes implicated in stress responses). Our department also studies the transcriptional (chromatin dynamics and the stability of epigenetic states) and posttranscriptional (processing of endogenous and exogenous aberrant RNAs by RNA Quality Control and RNA silencing pathways) mechanisms controlling gene expression. These studies are carried out in several model plants including the crucifers Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica napus, the solanaceous species Nicotiana tabacum and Solanum esculentum and basal land plants such as the moss Physcomitrium patens (formerly Physcomitrella patens).

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